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Farin Shafer, Hair Stylist

Beyond Expectation...

Farin Shafer, Hair Stylist

After receiving her Bachelor degree in Marriage and Family Guidance, she decided to change direction and follow her passion which was to become a hairstylist.

Beyond industry education, Farin has also become a growing presence and charismatic force in the local area for her unique styles and personal touch to bring out the very best in a person through her hair styles and color. She managed Regis Hairstylist Salon in Sunnyvale for 8 years and was one of the top managers in the U.S. which gave her the opportunity to travel worldwide for classes and updating her skills. After leaving Regis, she owned two beauty shops for over 18 years, she finally decided to concentrate more on her clients rather than the running of a business and now rents a chair to give her clients 100% attention. She is well aware of growing trends internationally and always seeks to keep on top of the latest styles.

Champion this consistent philosophy of excellence is the key to mastering the art of styling and cutting. Farin has developed a strong dedication to sharing her personal and artistic philosophies and experiences to motivate, inspire and improve the craft through each of her clients. Please call and make an appointment today!